Tuesday, April 8, 2014

American Revolution 1

Day 1-  We spanked old Spain! 
"Okay, let's start again from the spanking. ... Wow. Great." 

( Quote from me, regarding song lyrics. I'm directing a school play about the American Revolution, starring Betsy Ross. Weirdly enough, the voices on the CD sound like aging members of the Beatles. Liverpool revolution. )

At break the office staff said they'd heard good things-- I only met them because I needed to find the restroom. Luckily the woman in charge of paying me was there, too. Oh, disorganization, how you thrive. 

The students playing "students" are SO. CUTE. They know exactly how cheesy-kid-commercial-actors act and they go for it. The lines are awful but they say them with such joie-de-vivre. And Jillian taking initiative and making levels, and mini Matthew paying attention at all times.

Also the 80s hip-hop moves for King George's empire number are hilarious. I love it so much. Can't wait to have fun with the other numbers!! Two boys promised me some break-dancing moves. And my dancer coming up with sassy moves, and the little boy who was the only one to remember the squat! Love it.

The teacher who's been giving me sass is also very strict with the kids. I hope their discipline helps me, and my relaxed attitude helps them! Their other teacher is so sweet and cute, learning the dance with them, making sure they all have lines, I love it. 

QUICK! List ten things you love. 

Encouraging songs on the radio
Money for Starbucks
And gas in the car
Hip-hop moves done by 11 year olds
Having my taxes done for me
Clean sheets 

Post-rehearsal nap time!

... I guess you could call that 11.